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About Dr. Wong

Jeff%20spencer%20003Dr. Wong graduated from Life West Chiropractic College and became licensed in 1993. Upon Licensure he joined Sunrise Chiropractic and has been serving the Fremont and Tri-City areas ever since. He is now the principle owner and top chiropractor of the center. Recent accomplishments of being voted best chiropractor in Fremont 4 years in the row (2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014).

His certifications include: Industrial Disability Evaluator, Accupoint Integrative Testing, Golf Injury Specialist, Veterinary Chiro Practitioner.

His certifications include: Industrial Disability Evaluator, Golf Injury Specialist, Veterinary Chiro Practitioner.

He has additional training in:

  • Common Headache Disorders Diagnosis and Management
  • Diagnosis and Management of Intervertebral Disc Disorders
  • Management of Pediatric Patients
  • Treatment of Permanent Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Upper Extremity Injury Assessment and Treatment
  • Spencer Method - Up Regulation Communication Technique Utilizing Erchonia's Cold Laser Therapy
  • Nutritional Response Testing

Dr. Wong's private practice consists of wellness care, family practice, sports injury and enhancement and personal injury. His other interests include the martial arts where he has been an instructor for over 30 years, which gives him an understanding of body mechanics.

Dr. Wong has studied with Dr. Jeff Spencer the chiropractor for the U.S. cycling team. Winning 8-consecutive Tour de France victories wasn't an accident... They were the intentional outcome of deliberate actions following my fail-proof clinical success "Spencer Method".

At Sunrise Health and Wellness Center, he doesn't just treat the spine and extremities he treats the person, family and even the family pets.

Dr. Wong's Practice Philosophy

I am your consultant. I work with you to provide advice and treatment, explain what is wrong, and give you as much information as possible to help you create the health you want to live with.

I believe that good health begins with a well-maintained stress free body. However, when your body needs more extensive care, as in the case of injury or sickness, a more intense program (corrective care) will be recommended and provided in order to return the body to its optimum vibrant self. Once you reach this state then you can continue with maintaining your health with wellness care. (You do want to stay this way right?)

At Sunrise Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center we also have massage therapy, TLS program, and nutritional cleansing programs available to keep you in the best shape.

I am always available for consultation. If I am unable to provide the care you need, I will guide and direct you through the proper channels to attain your health goals.

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About Dr. Melisa Alvarez

Dr. Melisa Alvarez is a family wellness chiropractor in Fremont and works with people of all ages, from infancy to geriatrics. She has also completed a her fellowship in Pediatric and Pre-Natal Care in order to help women optimize their pregnancy and assist children in optimizing their health, without the use of drugs and surgery. Dr. Melisa uses a combination of several techniques including Diversified, Drop Table, SOT, postural re-education, muscle work, and laser therapy to assist patients in everything from optimizing health to avoiding surgery. She implements gentle techniques that are effective on different ages and body types. Outside of being a chiropractor in Fremont, Dr. Melisa enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, flying kites at the park, taking walks on beautiful (and even not so beautiful) days and dancing.

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About Us

We've been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Fremont and Tri-City area community since 1984. Our approach is simple. We believe that the most important thing in life is having your health. If it is your vision to live a healthy lifestyle then we are here to help you.
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We are a member of your health care team, your health care advisor; our job is to educate you and offer you the greatest chiropractic care possible and just as we communicate our recommendations tell us what you want to do. See more >>


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We are located in Plaza Real Building first floor suite 120.

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